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For Hire

Now you can request your commission directly from my website, here you will find all prices for the different types of commission, and you can ask questions about sending originals and rights on the arts.
Feel free to analyze what is the best option for you and your art.

Prints Shop

Antipus has just launched 4 online platforms to purchase quality prints and with a guarantee you will be buying a product of excellent quality, for you to decorate your environments with lots of art
You can even buy your metal plate art.
pass there.
Visit the link Print


Webcomics is also a new option in our menu. In this tab are all the digital comics I'm working on at the moment, you will find stories full of adventures and a lot of feminine sensuality.
Comics is also fun come have fun with us...

Art Blog

This is the place that I chose to communicate openly with all my followers and friends, I will also share some studies, and artistic thoughts, there are a lot of good things coming around.
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Who Am I?

I'm Antonio Luis Antipus
I like to draw from a child, I've always been moved by the desire...
Like every Artist, I have goals to achieve, desires to be overcome.
Every day I get up and I continue in the fight, to draw is my passion,
I want to share with the world my work.
I am self-taught and still on the path of learning, in fact
I think I will never leave it.

Professional since 2006

Currently, I work as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist.
I really like American Comics and European Comics,
I believe that my work is influenced by both,
but I have a special passion for Franco-Belgian comics,
which I believe is reflected directly in my work.
My biggest professional influences, are great faces of
Comics, BD, some concept artist and Illustrators…

inspirational phrase

"What we persist in doing becomes easier,
not because the task itself has become easier,
but because our ability to do it has been perfected."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Works Done

Impact GoldDanSehn#12006
The FatherFrank Fletes#1,2,3,4,52009
Argo 5DanSehn2 covers2014
PatriotikaRon Zabala#12015
Royal BloodMaurice Deveraux#16,182017
Top Secret PressJohn Daniel Taylor2 covers2020
ExiernScott T. HickenWebcomics2016/2020

"I hope you like what you see here
Success to all."